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We offer services in tax planning and preparation to individual and business clients, including estate planning, business planning & formation, independent contractor tax planning and preparation, and payroll taxes. Taking tax planning initiative can minimize tax obligations and prevent future penalties. Contact our office if you are interested in our tax planning services.

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If you owe back taxes and are concerned about IRS penalties and interest, including tax levies, liens, and seizures or fines and fees, our attorneys can take immediate action to challenge the IRS and protect your rights. We may be able to negotiate a settlement through an offer in compromise or handle your tax appeal. For more information or to reduce or eliminate tax penalties, please contact our firm.
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IRS Interest and Penalty Removal

Many of our clients come to us after they are facing penalties or are interested in settlements or the defense of tax claims. If you are facing tax audits or a criminal tax investigation, our firm can effectively protect your rights. We will provide you with the sound guidance legal advocacy necessary to minimize penalties and settle your tax dispute. We are experienced in cases involving innocent spouse, reduction of tax debt through IRS payment plans, and negotiations and settlements.

IRS Payment Plans

IRS Tax Settlement / Tax Negotiations

Innocent Spouse Relief

Our tax attorney practice represents individual and business clients nationwide and offer a wide range of tax related services. From tax planning, to organization for audits, through defense in criminal tax investigations and tax appeals, our firm offers extensive legal services tailored to suit the needs of our clients.
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